We're passionate about the right things.

We want Ope's to fuel the bodies and minds of you and your community with health and happiness. That's why we say no to a lot of things. Our cookies have no trans-fat, refined sugar, refined carbs, eggs, dairy, or butter. They are packed with Organic, all natural, vegan, non-GMO, low calorie ingredients. Go ahead see what we're made of. 

Overflowing bowl of oats
Overflowing bowl of oats

We're all about that base.

All of our cookies start with the same base; a perfect blend of oats, organic applesauce, and spelt flour. This combination is hearty enough to fill your stomach but light enough to keep you moving -- and we don't compromise taste for anything. Afterall, our base is so delicious, it's one of our top-selling cookies.


As a star player in our ingredient line-up, you better believe our oats are organic, gluten free, packed with energy and free of gunk. It's no wonder oatmeal is a top pick for athletes, moms, and Ope's alike - it's nourishing, easy on the stomach, and tastebud-friendly.

Spelt Flour

Spelt is a triple threat. It's a clean nutritious grain found in Michigan and unaltered by mankind. Spelt contains higher protein than any other grain used for baking and it's easier to absorb, even for people who are wheat-intolerant.

Organic Applesauce

Our applesauce is non-GMO, all-natural, and straight from orchards in Pure Michigan. We firmly believe in supporting local farms and being able to see where our ingredients are growing; it's nice to go pick up our applesauce and shake hands with the people who make it.

banana slices
banana slices

Fresh food is the best food.

It's probably no surprise that we added fruit to our cookies for extra sweetness and health. Fruit is a natural decadence that we couldn't miss out on. Just remember this is the real deal. You won't hear about syrup, juice or other fruit flavor ingredients stuffed into our cookies. It's all natural and non-GMO.

Organic Bananas

Real, whole, Organic bananas smashed up at the peak of ripeness for all of your banana flavored favorites.

Organic Cranberries

These tart treasures are non-GMO, organic and picked up directly from our fellow Michiganders.

Organic Raisins

Baked into our cookies, but still plump as can be. These non-GMO, all natural nuggets are just what our raisin cookies called for.

Pile of walnuts
stacked apple slices
Pile of walnuts

Some people call us nuts.

And we are nuts about your health, so I guess they're right. We love mixing in walnuts, almonds, and peanuts into our cookies for added texture, natural protein, and subtle flavor. Worried about nut allergies? Check out our process for handling peanut allergies in our FAQs.


We take special care to make sure your Organic almonds are chopped to perfection. We also use pure almond extract instead of sugar or salt to add a nutty richness to our almond containing cookies.


We chop up whole Organic walnuts to make sure each cookie has just the right amount of nutty flavor and crunch.

Peanut Butter

We use a non-GMO natural peanut butter, which sometimes has chunks of peanuts, making every batch of cookies with peanut butter uniquely delicious.

bowl of creamy peanut butter
bowl of chocolate chips
bowl of chocolate chips

Sweet, sweet treats.

We believe leading a healthy life is not about cutting the decadent foods out of your life, it's about finding a balance. And you better believe we've added in sweet treats that are oh so delicious.


We use a gourmet vegan chocolate chip that is made with the purest cocoa. We did some (extensively delicious) testing to make sure these little chips meet the high standards of quality we have for our own cookies.

White Chocolate

We use a gourmet vegan white chocolate chip that meets the high standards of quality we have for our own cookies. The bar is set high for the little things.


We use cinnamon to spice our cookies instead of salt. It might be a small ingredient, but it brings out big flavor when paired with chocolate, nuts, or fruit.