Hey there!

I'm Lauren Oppenlander, the founder of Ope's Cookies. And though you may not know much about me, I think I know a little about you.

For starters, I think we're a lot alike - active, energetic and used to pushing ourselves. We're confident, smart, savvy and, okay maybe a teeny bit sassy, too!

When it comes to food, we're conscious of what we're putting in our bodies. We're careful, discerning and responsible because we know about nutrition and understand how food choices impact long-term health and well-being.

My dad, Dr. Richard Oppenlander, spent 40 years studying nutrition, the implications of our dietary choices on the environment and our food industry. And my mom sparked the plant-based, cooking from scratch, made with extra love lifestyle I still follow today. It was on this foundation that I built Ope's Cookies. Every Ope's cookie promotes optimum health and has the potential to fuel positive change in you, your community and the world.

I am what I eat. I understood the truth of that long before it became a cliché. I believe what goes in my mouth says more than the words that come out. What I eat speaks volumes about what I value in life and what I think is important. That's why I started Ope's.

The success of Ope's proves that it is possible to use good and healthy in the same sentence - and is a proud banner for products that are both. But don't take my word for it. Talk to the discerning purists who buy Ope's Cookies over and over again.

What I eat is an extension of what I believe and who I am. And eating an Ope's cookie goes far beyond enjoying a healthy, great-tasting snack. It helps me make a statement about what I think is important and fuels my lifestyle as an environmentalist, marathoner, CrossFitter, hot yoga devotee, IronMan athlete, massage therapist, accountant, entrepreneur and wife.

I'm Lauren, and Ope's is my story. I hope you will make it part of yours too.

Let's eat!

I don't go anywhere without one of these!