Lo's Favorites

Veganism is on the rise. Between 2016 and 2019, the number of Americans who identify as vegan increased 600 percent. We're seeing a surge in the types of vegan food available at mainstream grocery stores across the country. As more and more people explore a whole food, plant-based lifestyle, I get frequent questions about the products, recipes and resources I recommend. Here's the LO down on all my favorites!










Veggies: Broccoli and Kale

Burger: Ope's Olive Burger (spinach, olive sauce, tomato, spicy mustard)

Buddha Bowl: Wild rice, tofu sprinkled with nutritional yeast, steamed broccoli, steamed kale, no sauce

Gorilla Salad: Oh She Glows Kale Salad 

Cookbook: Chloe's Kitchen and all of the Thug Kitchen books (links!)

Smoothie: Frozen blueberries, frozen banana, water and vanilla VEGA powder



Snack: Carrots and hummus or Ope's Cookies

Breakfast: Shannon's macadamia nut oatmeal

Fast Food Meal: Kale and tofu sriracha grain bowl at Core Life; all of the steamed veggies on brown rice with curry from Ziingo; or MOD pizza with veggies and light vegan cheese; or Chipotle/QDoba bowl with rice, beans, veggies, guacamole and salsa.

Cheese: Violife (all flavors) and Follow Your Heart provolone and Chao Tomato Cayenne

Dairy Alternatives: Tofutti plain cream cheese, Tofutti plain sour cream, Silk vanilla soy creamer, Rice Dream rice milk, Just Egg, Vegan Mayo by Hellmanns, Archer Farms birthday cake ice cream, Haagen Das peanut butter chocolate ice cream, and So Delicious ice cream

Kalamazoo Restaurants: Tap House or One Well

Coffee Shop: Rose Gold or WaterStreet

Bakery: Earth Fare (cupcakes and cookies), Sawall (cupcakes make by Kind Crumbs) and Rose Gold (donuts)

Pizza: BC Pizza (jalapeno and pineapple with light vegan cheese)

Breakfast Place: Anna's House

Documentary: Gamechangers and Cowspiracy

Book: Comfortably Unaware

Facebook Group: Vegan Kalamazoo

Instagram: Crossfitter Dani Sidell and Ultramathoner Scott Jurek

Newsletter: Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

Comfort Food Made at Home: Annie's Mac and Cheese, add quinoa, tofu and broccoli steamed in the bag

Training Macros: 80g protein/50g fat/150g carbs

Workout routine: INFINIT for triathlon, Vega for running, NUUN tabs for hot yoga and crossfit followed by VEGA shakes, Honey Stingers and some Hammer products

Ope's Cookie: The Backpacker