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Lo's Favorites

Veganism is on the rise. Between 2016 and 2019, the number of Americans who identify as vegan increased 600 percent. We're seeing a surge in the types of vegan food available at mainstream grocery stores across the country. As more and more people explore a whole food, plant-based lifestyle, I get frequent questions about the products, recipes and resources I recommend. Here's the LO down on all my favorites!                   Veggies: Broccoli and Kale Burger: Ope's Olive Burger (spinach, olive sauce, tomato, spicy mustard) Buddha Bowl: Wild rice, tofu sprinkled with nutritional yeast, steamed broccoli, steamed kale, no sauce Gorilla Salad: Oh She Glows Kale Salad  Cookbook: Chloe's Kitchen and all of the Thug Kitchen...

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